Q:How do I purchase your product?

A:You can purchase our product on PChome, call us at (0800)265-889, or message us through our Facebook page.

Q:How is payment processed?

A:We don’t yet have pay-upon-delivery or convenience store delivery service option available online, but you can choose to pay by credit card or ATM transfer. If you order via phone or Facebook message, then you can choose to prepay by wire transfer or pay-upon-delivery.

Q:How much is shipping?

A:Free shipment when order amount reaches NTD 1,000. Order Amount under NTD 1,000: Home Delivery: NTD 100 would be charged. 7-11 / FamilyMart / Hi-Life Pick-up : NTD 65 would be charged.

Q:How long can you keep the product?

A:One year for roasted whole coffee bean, 18 months for drip coffee filter bag. The packages are flushed with nitrogen to prevent oxidation, preserving maximum aroma and allowing you to enjoy the most flavorful coffee at any time.

Q:Why does the roasted whole coffee bean package expand?

A:Coffee releases carbon dioxide during the roasting process, and will continue to do so after packaging. This process actually helps maintain the freshness of the coffee and is considered normal. All of our roasted whole coffee bean packages come with a one-way degassing valve that allows excess carbon dioxide to be released and prevents oxygen from getting in, prolonging the freshness.

Q:Why do you flush the package with nitrogen?

A:Oxygen in the air will interact with the lipid in the coffee, causing it to become rancid. The darker the roast, the more prevalent this becomes. When flushed with nitrogen, the oxygen level inside will be below 1%, while the nitrogen level is around 99%. This way we can effectively prevent coffee from oxidizing and maintain its freshness.

Q:What is a drip coffee filter bag?

A:The drip coffee filter bag was first invented in Japan in 1990, with a hook on one side and was not very easy to use. It wasn’t until the OHKI company reinvented the filter bag in 1999 with a double hook design that made it easy to use anywhere, that the filter bag became popular. After ten plus years on the market, it has become the one thing that coffee lovers can’t do without.

Q:How do you brew the drip coffee filter bag?

A:We have established the best grounds to water ratio for our drip coffee filter bag. Each bag contains 10 grams of coffee grounds, and with 200 ml of hot water at 86℃~93℃, you can easily make a great cup of coffee. If you don’t have a measuring cup, just fill the filter with hot water to the top 3~4 times; 3 times for a stronger cup, and 4 times for a lighter cup.